Avrielle | 16 | Canada

My nanny and poppy are going to Newfoundland in a couple days but I can’t go because there isn’t enough space for me to stay with them :o(

Made in Heights
A dynamic character. the best kind :-)
hmm I never thought of it like that that’s actually cool as hell :o) 


Someone come stargaze with me I never want to sleep

14 year old me thoughts are still the same today

I change so much it doesn’t even seem normal? Just looking at my old blog and seeing my how much the posts change over just a couple months is weird and it bothers me because I can never remain just one person. I have to constantly be exposed to new things and ideas and that’s who I am 

Kinda have that weird feeling where certain music brings you back to an old memory and reminds you of your old state of mind and how much you’ve changed, and my head and stomach feels numb :-/ 

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